Sunday, December 02, 2007


The Daughter and I saw a preview for Enchanted when we saw Nancy Drew last summer and have been looking forward to it ever since. We finally saw it on Saturday and were not disappointed. In the movie, Giselle, a sweet cartoon of a girl, finds her true-love prince in the land of Andalasia but is sent into our world's New York City by his wicked stepmother who does not want him to marry and ascend to the throne. Giselle has some trouble dealing with our reality. A practical man and his little girl find her and the man tries to help her navigate her new circumstances, somewhat reluctantly. Giselle's handsome prince, who is way-full-of-himself but kind of sweet, and her chipmunk friend, come after her, accompanied by a servant who the clueless prince doesn't realize is in league with the wicked queen. Actually, he doesn't even know that his stepmother is the villian. Eventually, after many mishaps, the prince finds Giselle...and she's somewhat less interested in him than she previously was. After a battle between Good and Evil and references to most Disney classic fairytale movies, Giselle ends up with her New Yorker and his sweet little girl and the prince goes back to cartoon-land with the New Yorker's former girlfriend.

Strangely enough, the movie was neither stupid nor too-caustic. It was actually good. We enjoyed it. I must, however, admit that my favorite part was when the prince was knocking on doors in an apartment building he had reason to believe Giselle was in and a tired-looking woman with several little kids opened the door, looked at him, and said You're too late.



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