Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Nancy Drew

The Daughter and I finally went to another movie! We went to see Nancy Drew, which was very exciting to me, as I was a great Nancy Drew fan as a girl. My favorite childhood mystery series was Trixie Belden, but Nancy Drew was a close second, even though both series had been around since my mother was a girl...they seemed timeless. The Daughter has never really gotten into the books, but she wanted to see the movie. We went with my sister when visiting her in June.

The movie did not disappoint. Nancy was a smart, independent, curious and courteous girl. I really loved how polite she was. The movie dealt with the "timeless" issue by having Nancy and her dad move from the universe of the well-loved books, complete with old-fashioned Bess and Ned, to modern-day LALA Land, where she was a bit of an oddity. Nancy was not much troubled, however, by not fitting in at her new school. She stayed true to herself and solved her case, as usual. The Daughter and I both really enjoyed this modern adaptation. I think there is supposed to be a TV series soon, as well, although we do not have cable ourselves.



At 5:52 AM, Blogger Veloute said...

I LOVED Nancy Drew as a girl (and the Hardy Boys incidentally). I will have to see the movie!


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